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International Academic Competitions is planning on holding Regional Finals tournaments for the National History Bee this academic year in each of the regions listed below. Most tournaments will be held on Saturdays or Sundays, and will be held in conjunction with the Regional Finals of the National Science Bee and a regional tournament for the US Academic Bee. All three competitions will take place at different times during the day so that students can compete in all three events if they are interested (and qualified to do so in the case of the History Bee and Science Bee).

Certain events may be held on weekday afternoons and evenings, particularly on Fridays; in these cases, there would not be a Science and Academic Bee at the same site on the same date. The projected dates are listed next to each region though these are subject to change. No events will run prior to February 16, however.

Students will be assigned to a region based on their state and/or county. If they qualify for the Regional Finals, they will be permitted to sign up for that region’s Regional Finals only during the last week of January. Each student will also be assigned to a second-chance region based on their state and/or county. If space is still available at their second-chance region’s Regional Finals, they will also be permitted to sign up for their second-chance region during the first two weeks of February, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Students’ primary and second-chance regions will be assigned by January 4 when it becomes possible for them to take the Online Regional Qualifying Exam; their sponsors will be notified of these. In most cases, the primary region will be the closest site to their school, though this may not be true in all cases.

Events are grouped here by region for convenience sake in locating your nearest sites; these groupings do not have any further relevance, however. For further questions about scheduling, please email

Northeast & Mid-Atlantic
1. Baltimore – Saturday, March 30, Burleigh Manor Middle School, Ellicott City, MD
2. Boston – Saturday, April 6, Austin Preparatory School, Reading, MA
3. Bridgeport – Saturday, March 23, Bethel Middle School, Bethel, CT
4. New York City North – Saturday, March 3, Ridgewood High School, Ridgewood, NJ
5. New York City South – Saturday, April 6, Freeport High School, Freeport, NY
6. Philadelphia North – Sunday, March 10, Friends’ Central School, Wynnewood, PA
7. Philadelphia South – Saturday, March 23, Cinnaminson Middle School, Cinnaminson, NJ
8. Pittsburgh – Saturday, March 30, West Allegheny Middle School, Imperial, PA
9. Washington – Saturday, February 23, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, VA

10. Atlanta North – Saturday, March 2, Creekland Middle School, Canton, GA
11. Atlanta South – Saturday, March 23, Newnan High School, Newnan, GA
12. Birmingham – Weekend date from February 23 to April 14
13. Charlotte – Weekend date from February 23 to April 14
14. Lexington – Weekend date from February 23 to April 14
15. Nashville – Saturday, March 30, Freedom Middle School, Franklin, TN
16. Miami – Monday, February 18
17. Richmond – Saturday, April 13, Fairfield Middle School, Henrico, VA
18. Tampa/St. Petersburg – Saturday, February 16, Largo High School, Largo, FL

South Central
19. Austin – March 2 or 3 OR March 9 or 10
20. Dallas – Sunday, February 24, Greenhill School, Addison, TX
21. Houston – Saturday, February 23, The Honor School, Sugar Land, TX
22. Little Rock – Weekend date from February 23 to April 14
23. New Orleans – Weekend date from February 23 to April 14
24. Oklahoma City – March 2 or 3

25. Chicago North – Weekend date from February 23 to April 14
26. Chicago South – Saturday, April 6, Komarek School, North Riverside, IL
27. Columbus – Saturday, April 6, Lakewood Middle School, Hebron, OH
28. Detroit – Weekend date from February 23 to April 14
29. Indianapolis – Saturday, April 6, Sycamore School, Indianapolis, IN
30. Kansas City – Weekend date from February 23 to April 14
31. Milwaukee – Weekend date from February 23 to April 14
32. Minneapolis – Weekend date from February 23 to April 14
33. Omaha – Saturday, February 23, Concordia Junior/Senior High School, Omaha, NE
34. St. Louis – Weekend date from February 23 to April 14

35. Denver – April 6 or 7
36. Portland – Saturday, March 30, Columbia River High School, Vancouver, WA
37. Phoenix – Thursday, March 7, Valley Academy, Phoenix, AZ (History Bee only)
38. San Francisco – March 23 or 24
39. Seattle – Saturday, March 16, Klahowya Secondary School, Silverdale, WA (History Bee only)
40. Southern California – Saturday, March 16, Iftin Charter School, San Diego, CA