International Academic Competitions is planning on holding Regional Finals tournaments for the National History Bee this academic year in each of the regions listed below. Most tournaments will be held on Saturdays or Sundays, and will be held in conjunction with the Regional Finals of the National Science Bee and a regional tournament for the US Academic Bee. All three competitions will take place at different times during the day so that students can compete in all three events if they are interested (and qualified to do so in the case of the History Bee and Science Bee).

Certain events may be held on weekday afternoons and evenings, particularly on Fridays; in these cases, there would not be a Science and Academic Bee at the same site on the same date. The projected dates are listed next to each region though these are subject to change. No events will run prior to February 15, however.

Students will be assigned to a principal and a secondary Regional Finals location based on their location and other factors. If they qualify for the Regional Finals, they will be permitted to sign up for either of those Regional Finals locations but are asked to prioritize their principal location. Students from the same school may attend either assigned location, but no student will be allowed to attend both locations.

In most cases, the primary region will be the closest site to their school, though this may not be true in all cases.

Events are grouped here by region for convenience sake in locating your nearest sites; these groupings do not have any further relevance, however. For further questions about scheduling, please email

Northeast & Mid-Atlantic
1. Baltimore – Saturday, March 28, Burleigh Manor Middle School, Ellicott City, MD
2. Boston
3. Bridgeport
4. New York City North
5. Long Island
6. New York City South
7. Philadelphia North
8. Philadelphia South
9. Pittsburgh
10. Washington – Saturday, February 22, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, VA

11. Atlanta North – Saturday, February 29, Creekland Middle School, Canton, GA
12. Atlanta South – Saturday, March 28, Mason Creek Middle School, Winston, GA (tentative)
13. Birmingham
14. Carolinas
15. Lexington
16. Nashville
17. Miami
18. Richmond
19. Tampa/St. Petersburg

South Central
20. Austin
21. Dallas
22. Houston
23. Memphis
24. New Orleans

25. Chicago North
26. Chicago South
27. Columbus
28. Miami Valley – March 14, Beavercreek High School, Beavercreek, OH
29. Detroit
30. Indianapolis
31. Kansas City
32. Milwaukee
33. Minneapolis
34. Omaha
35. St. Louis/Central Illinois

36. Bozeman
37. Denver
37. Los Angeles
38. Portland – Saturday, March 14, Columbia River High School, Vancouver, WA
39. Phoenix
40. San Francisco
41. Seattle
43. Southern California