International Academic Competitions is looking for host sites for many of its National History Bee Regional Finals tournaments. These will run from mid-February through mid-April 2019. Most Regional Finals will be held on either Saturdays or Sundays in conjunction with the Regional Finals of the National Science Bee and a regional tournament of the US Academic Bee. These would be held at the same site on the same day, though at different times so that students could compete in all three of these events.

Regional Finals are being planned in each of the regions listed on this page. Note that your school does not need to be located in the listed cities in order to host, but should be located no more than an hour’s drive (and ideally within 30 minutes or so) of the listed cities. The possible dates range from February 23 through April 14 though in certain regions (especially in Florida and the West), there is a more limited window for when the tournament needs to be held.

If it is not possible to find a host site that can accommodate all three events, we may look to find hosts that can hold just a Regional Finals for the National History Bee on a weekday afternoon and evening, though our preference is to find host sites that can accommodate all three events on the same day.

If you are able to provide a large gathering area (i.e. 500+ seat auditorium or gymnasium) and at least 24 classrooms and would be interested in hosting a tournament, please contact Mr. Jason Russell, our Director of Middle and Elementary School competitions at

Host schools will receive significant financial compensation in return for hosting, and of course their competing students would then not need to travel to the location of the Regional Finals. Host schools are being secured on a rolling basis; please contact us to see if hosting opportunities in your area are currently available.