International Academic Competitions is pleased to announce that this Winter, Middle School students have the opportunity to take part in Team Competitions in the form of online Team vs. Team and Team vs Packet events.

For Team vs Team, the Winter Regionals will be made up of 4 separate tournament dates during a two-week period from February 13th through February 27th. Each tournament will have 5 rounds of preliminary play running from 11:00am EST until 4:00pm EST, then have a hour and a half break, after which the playoffs will begin at 5:30 EST. The number of teams that will advance to playoffs will depend on the size of the field.

Registrations for the Winter Bowl Regionals are open, and will close on January 30, 2021.

For more information, including dates, Team vs Packet, as well as how to register, please click here: Winter Regionals Bowl Registration

If you have any questions please email