General FAQs

What is the qualification process for the National History Bee?

Beginning in the fall semester until April 1, students will be allowed to take a free online qualifying exam at their school or under supervision at another location. Through this exam, students will qualify for the Regional Finals. Student finish at the Regional Finals will determine qualification for the National Championships.

What divisions are available in the National History Bee?

Students will be divided into 8th Grade, 7th Grade, 6th Grade, 5th Grade and Elementary(4th Grade and younger). For students who do not have a formally recognized grade, their division will be determined by their birth date. These dates are detailed on this Info for Homeschoolers page.

May students participate in grade divisions other than their own?

No. Students must participate in their formally recognized grade, or in the absence of a formally recognized grade, their assigned grade based on their birth date as detailed on this Info for Homeschoolers page. In some rare cases, there may be an insufficient number of students participating in a division, necessitating having them [...]

Is there an age limit?

There is no younger age limit. Older students must be formally in 8th grade or below, and students with no formal grade must have been born on or after October 1, 2008.

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