Since 2012, the National History Bee and Bowl have been offered to Middle School and Elementary School-aged students. Throughout these past six years, the History Bee, for individual students, has been the primary focus for students in these age ranges. However, at the high school level, the National History Bowl (a team event) has been the primary focus. Beginning in 2018-2019, we will be expanding opportunities for students to compete in the National History Bowl at the regional level. Regional level History Bowl tournaments will be held in 10-20 regions around the country this year. Most of these will take place in March and be held at the same locations at National History Bee and Bowl Varsity and Junior Varsity (high school level) state and regional tournaments.

Please note that all National History Bee and Bowl Varsity and Junior Varsity (high school level) state and regional tournaments are open to students in 8th grade and younger who are willing to play in the Junior Varsity Division (which includes students in up through 10th grade). Each of these tournaments runs on a particular set of questions; either A Set, B Set, or C Set. You can play each set once and you can view what tournament is using which question set by clicking on the dots on the map here. None of the Varsity / JV tournaments require prior qualifying and all are open to out of state teams and students; even events designated a particular state’s championships.

Many middle school students and teams have won these tournaments, so we encourage intrepid younger students to take part in them for further competition opportunities, even if the questions are at a high school level (you can view sample through the links here).

A list of the 10-20 Varsity and JV tournaments which will also have a Middle School (and possibly an Elementary School Division) in the History Bowl can be found through the History Bowl link on this website. These will posted on a rolling basis; most of them will be posted by the end of 2018 and be held in March 2019, though a few will be held earlier than that. Note that at Varsity and JV tournaments, there will not be a separate division of the History Bee for middle school and elementary school-aged students. However, students in 8th grade and younger will be able to either compete in the Junior Varsity Division, or in a buzzer-based regional competition for the International Geography Bee.

Students in 8th grade and younger who qualify for the National History Bee’s National Championships in the Junior Varsity Division will also qualify for their respective age division’s (i.e. 8th grade, 7th grade, 6th grade, or Elementary School) National Championships in the National History Bee even if they do not qualify at the Middle School or Elementary School Regional Finals for the Middle School or Elementary School Division

We realize that all of this is a bit confusing, however, we are looking to provide a full state of expanded competition opportunities in the interest of fairness, accessibility, and an enjoyable experience for students. For further questions, please contact