International Academic Competitions is pleased to announce that this Fall, Middle School students have the unique opportunity to take part in several Team Competitions in the form of Online Team vs. Team Leagues. Each league will last five weeks and start in late October. Teams will play the Academic Bowl TvT League on Friday evenings and the History Bowl TvT League on Saturdays at noon eastern. They have five guaranteed prelim matches and one guaranteed playoff match.

We will also be offering a Team vs. Packet League, for teams who wish to get some practice in before playing in a future Team vs. Team Tournament.

Registrations for the Fall Online Bowl Leagues have closed.  If you have any questions please email

Click here for a full schedule of events Middle/Elementary students can play in this Fall.

Details of History Team vs. Team League Play


The Fall Middle School League will begin play on Saturday October 24th, 2020 and will end on Saturday, November 21, 2020. Registration will close on Sunday, October 18th at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

Teams can be composed of up to six players, with only four playing at a time.  Players must attend the same school.

The League will have a soft cap of 48 teams; if the soft cap is exceeded, the teams will be as evenly split as possible into 2 or more geographical sub-divisions.  All matches will take place at noon Eastern Time.

For Preliminary Rounds, teams will be seeded into 6-team pools by geography. They will play 5 prelim games in these pools (the first game on Week 1, second and third games on Week 2, and fourth and fifth games on Week 3).

For Playoffs, all teams will be ranked by wins, then points. The top third of teams rounded up to the nearest even number will be placed in the Fall League Upper Bracket. The middle third goes in the Fall League Middle Bracket, and the lower third will be placed in the Fall League Lower Bracket. Octo-finals (as needed) and Quarter-finals will be played on Week 4 and Semi-finals and Finals will be played on Week 5.

Please note all bowl matches will be played following normal NHBB rules, with a modified third quarter where every lightning round question is played like a bonus question.

Nationals Qualification

This Fall League qualifies teams for the National History Bowl at 2021 Middle School Nationals. All teams in the upper brackets qualify for Nationals. Middle bracket teams qualify for Nationals by winning half their prelim games or winning a game in bracket play. Lower bracket teams qualify for Nationals by winning half their prelim games or by being the champion of the lower bracket (i.e., winning all their playoff games). 


In all leagues, the top 4 teams in the upper bracket will receive awards, with the upper bracket winner being called the Middle School Division Champion. Awards will also be given to the winners of the middle and lower brackets.


Team vs. Team League registrations will cost $100 per team, with the opportunity for a $36 discount for teams that provide moderators (who would read for other teams, not their own, and subject to IAC’s discretion and approval).
Team vs. Packet League registration will cost $50 per team, with teams required to provide their own coach. Teams without a coach may request an IAC-provided moderator at an additional cost of $8 per game.

Details of History Team vs. Packet League Play

Team vs. Packet Rounds will be played on C Set questions, with teams participating against modified question sets, to be read and scored by their team coach(es). These rounds will be tossup only, all will be power-marked in 30-20-10 format, and consist of 30 questions each. Conferring will not be allowed between team members.

There will be six rounds of questions, one for each week of the league. Packets will be emailed on Monday at noon Eastern, and are due on Sunday at 11:59pm Eastern.

By the end of each week, results will be posted online, allowing teams to compare their scores with other teams across the country.

IAC reserves the right to make changes to the regions/pools/play-off structure in the interest of balance and fairness.

All questions should be directed at